Thursday, 1 July 2010

BETHELLS is going to miss you!!!

Mrs Taylor and Mrs Campbell, Bethells are going to miss you. You have been there for us when we were doing ESOL, ROW (Rock Our World) and also you being in Bethells and made it even more special to be able, to be in this pod . I never thought being in Bethells would be so fun well the only reason why it was fun is because Bethells have all kinds of cool teachers. I wish you didn't have to leave and go and do your work, so thank you for being in our pod and making it feel like home !!!.

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congo day

in the holidays were having a congo day. anyone that is from another country can come. its lots of fun. there is food, dancing, games, cake and prizzis and plays. last year the congo day did not go right.people came late, the food toke long and the cake came late. to come you have to gave 20 doller if your from congo. I think the partty is going to be good. last year I was a dancer and a singer. I sang the congo anthom. lots of people do a speech about wars in countrys.

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Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Don't get freaked out there's going to be no earthquakes it's just a story I've been reading for reading time. This story is a fiction book about a man named Phil Ridley and he gets stuck in an earthquake. Here's a little something to help you. Something's not quite right. Phil Ridley's cat, Rollo, is acting strangely and, late at night, birds are singing. In another part of the city, at the Seismology Research Station, Lucy Washington watches the seismograph in disbelief. There's going to be an earthquake, and it's going to be a big one! Out on the streets, Sergearnt Jeff Finch watches in horror as buildings crumble and cars move about the road like toys. But what about Phil and Rollo? They are in danger and are going to need help-fast! So will Phil and Rollo survive or will they be crushed? You should read this book because I bet you want to know if Phil and Rollo gets crushed or will they get rescued and survive. Also you should read this book because it's a great way to kind of understand how earthquakes work and what to have ready if an earthquake hits.


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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Rm 1 fantastic ANZAC art!!!

In room 1 we have been doing tonal modelling ANZAC art. I have done my ANZAC art that includes a flag pole with the mast half way down, with a cross on the hill so that represents that some one important has died and is buried on the hill the person is from ANZAC war. The poppies stand for ANZACs.

By Peaches !!!

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Horton is in RM1

At Summerland we have had a book character parade and I went as Horton hears a who. It was really embarrassing because I looked really fat but I had fun while being fat because I had pillows and people were punching them, it felt funny. I went as Horton because he was one of my favourite characters and he inspires me because he believed in something that no one did and he didn't care what people said, it was just about what he thought.

By Peaches

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Book character day

On friday the 18th we had to dress up as or favourite book character. I went as a girl named sophie she writes a series of books. Some adventures and some are romantic. I wore a long black and wite skirt, a white,black and silver top and a purple poncho with a grey hat and pink glasses.It was fun to see all the things you could be and were I guess i'm saying it was amazing.


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Sophie's book character

On Friday 18 June we had a book Character Day at our school. My character that I came as was Lotta out of Mr Galliano's Circus by Enid Blyton. I came as this character because she is in one of my favourite Enid Blyton books. Lotta is a cheeky little monkey and always pulls faces at her best friend Jimmy Brown. When the circus comes to town Jimmy Brown Lotta's best friend, joins the circus because Jumbo the circus elephant runs away! When Jimmy returns with the elephant Mr Galliano offers Jimmy and his family to stay in the circus and travel with them in a caravan. Jimmy's dad then becomes the circus Odd Job Man and Jimmy helps with the animals because they just adore him.

I had a great time at the book character parade because we got to go home as our character, I also loved Miss Buchanan's costume because she came as the white queen of Alice In Wonderland.

I think you should read this book because it is a really good book for you, if you like to find out about whats going to happen on the next page!

By Sophie-lee

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